In The Words of The Blog’s Creator – About the ambiguity of pictures

“About the ambiguity of pictures” – When I chose that phrase to be the title of this post, I came by the dissatisfaction of the creator. He insisted that it does not fit the subject properly, ‘you should find another’. It doesn’t fit the subject as it oversimplifies the nature of the messages.
According to Haim, the artists didn’t always intent to make their criticism revealed. Sometimes, we may describe the ambiguity as a “coded” one.
As I was looking over the pictures, using Photoshop, I could get into the pictures and find signs, that…, there is some coded messages. The artist left messages that the observer couldn’t actually understand or notice. For example, many times, if you observe the picture flipped vertical, you can notice a totally different perspective. It is clear, that as these pictures were presented on walls, that the original observers could not noticed these perspectives. But in contrast to them, today we are equipped with modern tools that are very useful in researching this hidden art.

Haim said that artists at that time, such as Rafael have hidden codes that can be revealed only with Adobe. As with Adobe Photoshop, one can actually focus on the pictures, highlight the hidden parts of the picture. Besides, Haim has used the advantage he has with Adobe, which allows him to flip the picture and find secrets the artist tried to hide from his generation. 


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