Parnassus – The Greeks are infiltratingo

Rafael Parnasus

One of the pictures from the Pope’s room, portrays the paganism that overflows the church. You can see all the leaders of the literary world, from the golden age of Athens and Rome. At the middle of the picture, you may identify Homerus, the great author of mythology. He is attributed with great myths, such as the War Of Troy, the Golden Fleece, Odyssey, etc. 

The following picture holds a fabulous narrative. In the picture, there’s the exhibited dimension. In this dimension, everything is ideal. Apollo is playing his violin and everyone are happy. A pretty boring narrative.

In contrast to the former, the second narrative makes the picture a lot more interesting. In the hidden dimension, you may notice that every character has a secret of his/her own:

Sappho – being suspiciously close to the penis of the guy near her. By the way, Sappho used to write odes, and in the same time wrote pornographic materials. 

At the middle-lower part of the picture, lays Sappho. Sappho is considered the liberal poet. Her name is written on the paper she holds, but what is she doing? I find it very interesting to know why is her face in front of the man’s hands? I believe the woman has performed oral sex to the guy close to her:

Rafael parnasus 2

A second secret may be attributed to the guys on the left:

the parnassus second secret

The two guys are “communicating” trough their feet. This gesture symbolizes a homosexual relationship. 

You can find Euterpe’s secret in my post “Snake head to the editor”.

Would you like to behold another secret?

The parnassus third secret

My opinion is that museums, when giving only ten minutes per picture, without giving any written information about it; are making a mistake. A mistake as the viewer unable to understand and enjoy the whole picture, literally. I would present near the original pictures copies, with explanations, arrows and other visual instructions. I believe that without this understanding, many has the right reason to believe these pictures are boring.


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