Rafael Is Changing The World Of Art

Rafael, apart from being a painter and an artist, was also an innovator. Rafael had inherited his father’s workshop after the latter died, being only ten years old. When looking at his first paintings, you may notice his will to change the way conformist artist had been painting till that time. This Tendency is extremely noticeable int paintings which where ordered by the Catholic church.

In all of his pictures, he starts presenting men without clothe with preoccupation to show their confused sexuality.  He examines the iconography to choose subjects; as from any subject he may deal with – there will be undressing of figures. The word “perversity” may not be that far from describing his thinking. In all these pictures, the figures’ penises stands as central in the picture(it may be true its Jesus’ or Cherub’s[kind of angle/theological figure], but the element that captures the viewer’s attention is the penis).

It is not by incident that in the following picture, Nicola Di Tolentino, the cherubs have male and female sex symbols. 

The Cherub Behind the king

Nicola Di Tolentino - Part of the picture

In the following picture, “Coronation” by Nicola Di Tolentino, there is a God’s decide Nicola would become saint. What maid him being deserved such a coronation? 

The cherub is stepping on the men, not in a convenient way(to say the least).

Nicola Di Tolentino - Second Sketch Nicola Di Tolentino - Sketch


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