Rafael Sanzio

More scandals and “classic”art will be revealed, this time by Rafael:

In contrast to what commonly known, Rafael is an interesting person. Chaim believes, that when observing the three great artists of his time – Michelangelo, Leonardo and Rafael, Rafael is the most talented of all. Rafael charmed me, as the most enchanting and interesting of all. Leonardo and Michelangelo weren’t as great as these. 

Rafael enchanted Chaim because of three main characteristics which led him throughout his work. First of all, Rafael has proven to be a know-all, in contrast to the sanctimonious traits he is known to be familiar with. In his paintings, he was liberal and interesting. Mocking some heroes in the New Testament, and painted them in conflict situation without making them Utopian.  

Another major reason Rafael has caught Chaim was his leading abilities and professional attitude. Rafael was leading a great number of artists(about a hundred), using them to form a productive unit together. His say still made it to the paintings although many of them had better technical abilities and the great age differences. 

In the pictures below, there are three figures from the New Testament(Right To Left: Jesus’s Mother, Jesus and John the Baptist). Taking a close look in the picture, you may find a conflict lying withing the image. 

Jesus is presented as the leader of the Christianity, with colorful ideal picture in his background. But despite this ideal background, John and his mother are in a conflict: John is touching Jesus thigh, trying to pressure him to go with him. As a result, Jesus’s mother react in an attempt to step him away from her son. 




Before we go on to the next pictures, I must share with you a few more of Haim’s words about the former ones (as I believe they are worth reading). Rafael was not only an artist, but a theoretician. Using Photoshop is a great tool to getting a deep reading in Rafael paintings. I found the power sharing in this picture interesting, between John – who represents a group of homosexuals and pederasts, Jesus – who has the main line of Christianity, and Maria – the woman, who represents the line that is opposing the effect of John.  Taking a brief look at the picture, you may thing this picture is boring. But when looking deeper in the picture, you would ask yourself “why are the kids undressed?”. 

In the next picture, you can be impressed by its size. It is Julius’s private office- a giant hall, full of pictures. In the next pictures, I will give you Haim’s answer to the identity of the character sitting in the center of the right picture. A hint: It won’t be Diogene, as mostly known. 

Rafael Athena School Illustration

In the next picture, please pay attention to the person in the middle, the one who lies alone on the stairs and read a piece of paper. He is solitary, he does not take care of himself, barefoot. It is mostly thought that this person is Diogene, the skeptical Greek that lived in a barrel. 

Rafael Athena School Full

After looking really close at the picture, it becomes clear that there has been some covering up. Notice how dirty his legs are, how wild his hair is… His position is also idiotic, and he does not notice his surroundings. I personally believe that this person, in the draft of the picture, the person was also laying in his own excrement. 

Rafael - Athena School Juleus The Second Close Up

But who is this person? After looking at several pictures of Rafael, Haim had realized that this person is actually Julius, the pope. Very strange and ironic, especially in the time when Julius was a kind of dictator:


Notice how Rafael portrays Julius. How dirty his hands/nails are, how he holds a bag that looks like one for excrement. The pope’s beard is portraying deep desperation: Julius, a veteran, had put a ultimatum to his generals. He told them that until they were to conquer and unite the legal borders of the Vatican country, he wouldn’t take off his beard. 


In the picture below, that clearly shows how the pope looks in the eyes of Rafael – the pope is transported by “roman litter”(a palanquin/lifter). It is disputed which of the lifters is Rafael, but it is mostly agreed that one of them is Rafael. 

Julius is looking with some sort of revulsion at the people around him. His surroundings are mostly criminals, part of them by the erotic gestures, part of them lairs. In the full picture, it is clear that the people are trying to erotically touch the person near him. When looking below, women brought there children naked(why would they be naked in a picture? Did they bring them to sell them?). At the left side, people are almost fulfilling there eroticism. On the upper right side, each person is embracing the one nearby him. Also, after checking each person – Haim had found a hand that did not belong to anybody. 

Rafael Julius is not pleased but despisedRafael Bolsena Full

Apart from being a dictator, Julius was also vehemently upset. Julius used to be yelling all the time, anything he said – was obeyed to be operated. Julius was not open to other opinions – even though his projects failed systematically, he was not open to change his ways.

Because of his fear of being assassinated, he raised a private army of guards. The guards were mostly from Switzerland(while by that time this country held the finest army), and their uniform were very weird with outlandish colors. Imagine soldiers wearing women cloth, absolutely provocative. 

This kind of life had led him to a deep desperation, which Rafael is trying to portray in the picture. It was like everybody were laughing at him – the richest men in the Vatican is the man lying on the floor. The pope after him has cut most of his wasting, and the Vatican started its decrease. 

The following picture is very large one. In this picture, there are a huge number of significant religious characters. The characters are divided into four levels, as in the upper one lays God, the second level is Jesus and the rest of the saints. The third level is the “sky level”, which consists of ‘energies’. It is easy to notice in this level the pigeon, which portrays the imagination of people who believed of the contact between God and nature. And on the fourth level – the human level. 

This picture is called “Disputa”(“The Dispute”). This picture does not concentrate on the disputes between people, but between philosophies and powers. You may find many contradicted characters – Jesus sits near Mohammed, Moses and David. The desperation of the dispute is described by Jesus’ lift of his hands. 

Rafael Julius Is God full

Another thing you may notice, is the way that God is portrayed not only remind the pope but almost identical to him:

Rafael Julius Is God...

The mysterious bird – Observing the picture “La Madona del Granduca”



Unless your eyes are equipped with lazer, you could not notice it in the regular picture. Now some zoom in ones:

Madona Granduca Perfect Zoom Madona Granduca Zoomed

I have met this bird in many other picture. The bird may appear in the picture or right next to the image in the frame. In a major part of Rafael pictures – 1 or 2 birds are appearing. Why is that? 


In my opinion, this bird is a signature of someone who was dealing with this picture. An artist, a museum; somebody who wanted to mark this picture as his. Let us not forget that by this time, people have never signed on their pictures. Rafael have never signed picture except from one time(while at this specific occurrence, it is almost for sure not his picture).

One great picture in which the bird is noticed is “Madona Norton”:


Another picture in which this bird has appeared is the “Madona Del Cardolino”(Notice that the fact that “Cardolino” means bird does not relate to the signature but to a different bird that appears here). John is trying to bribe Jesus by giving/offering/bringing him a bird. You may think that Jesus would be bribed for political ambitions, but you have to notice that the boys are both naked. When talking about politics – you’re not supposed to be naked, while in eroticism you should.

According to the New Testament, John was the strong figure. He had a lot of people and power. It seems like the Madona is trying to help Jesus escape from the pressure of John and stick to his destiny. 



The bird also appears in “Holy family”(with Saint John the Baptist, Zacharias and Elizabeth in a Landscape, 1507-8). 

holly family mysterious bird holly mysterious bird in the family

And of course, “Prado Madona”(which is not surely Rafael’s work):

Pasca original pasca busted bird Pasca Bird

And distinguishing a different perspective…:

Haim is concerned with the decision of painting Jesus almost naked. What was that for? We are currently believing it might have something to do with cluing Jesus was uncircumcised in the artists’ opinion. Any one with an idea may live a comment or write me on facebook – Chaim Tzairi.

Rafael Is Dealing With Human Rights

In his famous picture, “School Of Athena”, Rafael expressed his sympathy to human rights; by discussing about their value at ancient Greece. Rafael has presented human being sold in the main corners, pictures of violent sex and rape.

As you might see at the second picture below, the man with the hat is trying to sell the one without the shirt, and the man on the right(the one who lifts his hand) insist that he, personally, would rather the person behind the slave-seller.  

Rafael Focuses On Rape At School Of Athena

Rafael Selling A Man At School Of Athena Rafael Focuses On Undressing At School Of Athena Rafael Focuses On Violent Sex At School Of Athena

And what about that picture? 

In the picture below, you may have noticed the women standing at the center, Maria Magdalena, sending her hand to Jesus. She is a known figure, she was a prostitute that was poured by Jesus. If you look closer, her hand is actually getting into the shirt of the man in yellow(and her foot has also a part in it). The man in yellow is a very rich known man, who got the right to bury Jesus. It seems that he wants a little more than that right… Notice how he lays his foot on her, as if he told her “Jesus is dead, but I am still here”.

(You may also notice other people trying to avoid looking at that hand and Jesus’ mother who has fainted)

Entomement Of Christ Rafael

You may notice the strange choice of putting Jesus’ genitalia in the middle of the picture. The painter chose to paint what he thinks, the picture he view in his mind are portrayed to us. The whole construction of the pink fabric was used only to emphasize “the wholly erection”.


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