Student’s Column

The Friend In The Curtain – Rafael’s Student Show Great Abilities

This very fine picture was actually painted by Rafael’s student. It is a small (0.3 meters height), painted in oil on fruitwood picture, which for many years has been laid in the palace of a famous Englishman. The picture was purchased by a museum for a very a great fortune (by 2006). It is actually not rare to identify masterpieces with students of great artists, as many of them used to relate the picture to the master to make living.

The picture represents Madonna carrying little Jesus on her knees, as both characters hold pink carnation. The picture is well famous today due to the price it was purchased with, which was considered to be absolutely not proportional as for a picture by an unknown student, but I beg to differ. After making some research about the picture with my computer, I was surprised to find out that there’s another hero in the picture hiding here. It is hiding behind the curtain and is not acting very appropriately, to say the least. I think that by hiding the character the painter used a technique that certainly leveled up the picture J

By the time that picture was created, artists used to express themselves without boundaries. It was not so much for their revolutionary nature, but rather a result of a lack of education. The artists lacked the tools to express which are very basic today – many of them were analphabetic and lacked written expression. For instance, Leonardo de Vinci was able to write with both hands while crossed, but as for his ignorance in the Latin language, he could not receive formal education.

                                                                        Madonna of the Pinks

Curtain Friend


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