Painter’s Autonomy

Isabella D’Esta, the art philanthropist, was comprehended to be a liberator. Liberator in the sense that she detached artists from the traditional dependence in religious campaigns, allowing them to paint autonomously. Lorenzo Costa found a nice way of portraying this new situation.

freedom style lorenzo costa

Lorenzo painted baby Jesus laying naked between the respected couple, pointing his back in the sense of child’s rebellion. You may think a paint of Jesus will not portray that kind of autonomy, but Jesus here is shown in a sense of a regular boy. Jesus was lessened to the human level.

Isabella D’Este in the Kingdom of Love (by Lorenzo Costa)
Maybe a few words about Isabella D’Este
She was the woman of the ferarian Tyrant. In her times, most people were analphabets.
Isabella, being a cultural woman, held a crew of servants meant to obtain and develop the art of the kingdom. As for her investment in the field, she is widely known for her contribution to art and paintings.
Most of the greatest artists were in her crew, instructed to create there are autonomously and creatively. It is no wonder that in this picture, there are characters/heroes who are painted cluing ambiguous meanings.
And what do I mean by that?
Taking a closer look in the picture, you may find the chief of tea servant peeing in a glass:
kingdom of lovechief of teawhat is chief doing
You may find the painters genius in the way he blurred his ambiguity.
The picture can be found today at the Louvre Museum. I personally sustain that the Louvre and other museums would upload an online catalog of their exhibitions. Today, it is very much needed to have the pictures in front of you, on the computer, as the advantages are plenty.
One can focus a lot and research the picture when on hand, and with today’s tools like Photoshop he can explore it widely. The current method is inefficient. You cannot stay in these museums and behold the pictures very long. I personally experienced it, and of course that people whom art is not their favorite or unaffordable to them will face ten times larger difficulty.

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