Crucifixion of Jesus

crucifixion of jesus.JPG

The Crucifixion of Jesus is a great example of Giotto’s unique interpretation to the events he portrays. The people around the picture are all focused in their own interests.
You’d expect to witness a great bemoaning. Beloved Jesus is portrayed crucified, surrounded by his supporters and believers, whom are supposed to care of him. Nevertheless, the only character who’s experiencing a traumatic event is his mother.

Maria Magdalena, instead of suffering and show some mourning, is trying to take some of Jesus’ blood and profit from it. Three of the soldiers are arguing for Jesus’ cloth, negotiating how to cut it to pieces with their knife, as each of them is greedy for his part.

The angels are also deep in their own business – each of them is crying for his own reason, but none of them come to help. The only one who’s suffering is Jesus’ mother.


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